American Express Black Centurion Card Requirements

What about American Express Black Card brought you here? Do you want to get it? Or you want to know how to apply for an AmEx black card? And even you are just wondering about American express black card requirements? So whatever your intention is, you will get the answers to your all questions here.

So you need to bear with me until I discuss all the major things related to the American Express black card or AKA centurion card.

Before we jump into depth, I need to mention some of the basic features of the centurion card below.

Card NameAmerican Express Black Card (Centurion)
Initiation Fee$10,000
Annual Fee$2500 (May goes up to $5000 in a few months)
Application MethodsInvitation Only
Card MaterialAnodized Titanium
Min Credit Score RequiredExcellent
APR RatioNo (Pay Full in Month)

What are American Express Black card Requirements?

So do you want to apply for an American Express black card? And you don’t know how to go for it? But there is a problem to apply for American express black card as they don’t allow it.

So how you will get it without the application? The answer is that you can only get a card by someone’s invitation who is already an American express centurion cardholder.

And that’s why it’s a card that not everybody can afford. You need to first become an American Express cardholder and use it’s other premium cards regularly and then may someone send you an invitation.

How to get a Black Card?

As I mentioned earlier that American express black card is not applicable and you only need an invitation from other black cardholders in case if you want it.

But the question arises here that how you can get an invitation then? So here I will guide you about it. I will give you some instructions that make it possible to get a black card.

So here are some of the instructions below:

  • First of all, become an American Express credit cardholder if you are not yet
  • Then start using the AmEx credit cards as usual
  • After some time you will be able to get American express’s other premium cards
  • Go for it and then use those premium cards at least for one year
  • Spend at least $450000 per year
  • Your credit score should be 100% excellent
  • And top of it, you need to earn at least one million US dollar in a year

So after fulfilling all the above requirements, there are plenty of chances that you will get an invitation. It’s hard to guaranteed about how to it a black card but if you fulfill these instructions then there are many high chances for you to get an invitation.

What is the American Express black card limit?

Currently, the American express is not approaching any type of limit on its black cardholders. So it means a member of the black centurion card has no limit to spending money, he can spend as much as he wants.

Even it is reported that a user of the AmEx black card has bought a car which was almost worth $300000. So you can imagine the limit of the AmEx black card easily.

What is the process for the American Express Centurion login?

If you are a black cardholder and you don’t know how to go for American express centurion login then don’t be confused because I have a guide for you.

The procedure is pretty simple and you can go through it juts by following easy steps.

So let’s get start it.

  • Got to the official website of American express credit card
  • Now choose Cards – My Account
  • Enter your black card user ID and password
  • That’s it you are now logged in to the American express official site
  • Now you can get all the details of your black card online

What is the American Express black card fee?

So once you get the card it’s time to pay your annual fee so you can get amused with the benefits of cards continuously. 

Currently, there are some fee plans for AmEx black card which are below:

Centurion Card FeeAmount
Initiation Fee$10,000 (For one time only)
Annual Fee$5000 (Annually)
Late Fee Charges$39
Fee for Payment Return$39
International Transaction Fee$0

So these are the fee plans you need to fulfill if you want to get the services of a black card.

Benefits of American Express Black (Centurion) Card

Now comes the best part here, the benefits of American express centurion cards. Here are the best rewards by the American Express black card.

Reward Points: The first amazing feature of AmEx black card is that you get reward points on each swipe you made with your black card

Clearance Certificate: You will get a certificate of clearance by American express which will help you out when you are going for screening in airports, Sport’s stadiums and many other places

Travel Rewards: if we are talking about American express benefits then it would be unfair not to mention its travel rewards. As the black card is mostly for business tycoons and they often travel due to their business. And that’s why it is a big advantage for persons who travels a lot.

The black card you can get up to $200 air travel rewards annually, you will also get full access to the premium airport lounges.

Car Rental Rewards: You will get a premium membership of all car rental companies. So you can enjoy the latest and luxurious vehicles each time.

Free Global Entry: you will get a $100 discount in the form of a global entry fee deduction. 

F.A.Q about Centurion Card

How do you qualify for an American Express black card?

Qualifying for the black card isn’t an easy task. Even you cannot simply apply for it, because there is no way to apply for it except the invitation from another black cardholder.

What is the limit of a black American Express card?

At this time, there is no limit to spending through the AmEx black card.

How many Amex Black Cardholders are there?

There are currently 17000 to 20000 AmEx black cardholders in the world according to Zimbio.

Who has an American Express black card?

Some celebrities have American express black card and they are:

  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Kanye West
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jessica Simpson
  • John Mayer
  • Denzel Washington

What does a black card mean?

The black card is a highly supreme card which only for extremely wealthy persons. A person cannot apply for it even he is rich, he will need an invitation from another black cardmember for this purpose.

You need to have a hell of wealth if you are willing to have it. 

Is American Express for the rich?

No, it’s not only for rich, but you can also use some of the regular credit cards by American express if you are a middle-class man. 

What is the most elite credit card?

Until now, there is only one most elite card and it’s none other then centurion card or American Express black card.

Where to confirm my Black Card?

If you want to confirm you any American Express credit card then you have to visit the official website of AmEx at


In the ending, I would say that you don’t need to be upset if you cannot achieve this card. Just focus on your goals and maybe one day you will get an invitation from someone. 

So these were the things you need to know about American express black (centurion) card and I hope you would like it.

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